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Straight Cut Wool Trousers with Front Pockets White

relax baby be cool

Classic straight cut loose trousers made from thin wool with Songket details to add the cool.
Songket has a very old history dated back to a few hundred years where it was originated in India. In Indonesian tradition, songket is associated with Srivijaya, a wealthy 7th to 13th century maritime trading empire based in Sumatra. Previously, only the royals like the Sultan and the King were allowed to wear this luxury fabric.
It is a Malay term coined from 'sungkit' that means 'to hook'. The meaning is associated with the method of producing Songket, to hook and pick a group of threads, and then slipping the gold and silver threads through it. The gold thread used was originally wound with real gold leaf. Traditionally hand-woven in silk or cotton with intricate patterns, nowadays, it’s produced with machines, but nevertheless still magic.

Straight cut trousers with front pockets 
Classic cut with an edge
Skin friendly wool
Metal buttons

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